The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience



"The only source of knowledge is experience"

MasterNode Ventures (MNV) consists of an Australian Capital Management Fund, full-stack Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Advisory Service and Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Incubator.

MNV was founded in December 2017 by Chris McLoughlin, Kyle Hornberg and JP Thor after the successful CanYaCoin (CAN) ICO; raising approximately $15m AUD. The experience, connections, strategies and knowledge that was gained from conducting Australia's 2nd most successful ICO has been captured in MasterNode Ventures.

Deep networking in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space has been established through near constant travelling since the beginning of the CanYaCoin ICO.

Through ICO Advisory and Incubation Services, MasterNode Ventures can share lessons learned and help foster the successful global expansion of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. 

Only a very exclusive number of small projects that show large potential will be taken on. 


  • Whitepaper feedback and report
  • Token economic model and strategy  
  • Exclusive invites to worldwide cryptocurrency & blockchain events 
  • Pre-sale & ICO strategy

  • Broad marketing strategies and advice
  • Investor introductions (we have a big international investor network)  
  • Community management and growth hacking  
  • Ongoing crisis management


Through our network we can provide introductions in the following areas:

  • Investors 
  • Marketing & PR firms
  • Crypto knowledgable accountants
  • Crypto legal and regulatory advice

  • Over the Counter (OTC) contacts
  • Speaking positions on crypto/blockchain panels
  • Exchanges (Any you desire)
Note :  We provide introductions and support, no guarantees



ICO Guidebook including ICO overview, preparations, strategies and advice

Whitepaper report including feedback/analysis on structure, content and optics

Pre-ICO guidance on planning, structuring and execution of the Token Sale.

Pre-ICO operations, marketing and community management Advice.

Basic up-front introductions and crisis support during the ICO.


ICO Guidebook including ICO overview, preparations, strategies and advice

Whitepaper report including feedback/analysis on structure, content and optics

Full service package from planning through to the completion of the ICO including strategic, tactical & operational advice on ICO execution.

Advice and direction on all ICO planning and strategies. Active support during the ICO with on-going guidance for marketing strategies, community engagement plans and ICO execution.

Introductions to contacts (exchanges, OTC providers, investors, crypto services like accounting & legal) before and during the ICO.

Responses to emailed Requests For Information (RFI) within 24 hours.


By invitation only and for a very select number of projects we will provide incubation services that offers:

All advisory services offered in the Premium Package

Initial Capital (Seed Funding)

Office space, company resources and managerial assistance

Access to all contacts and personalised assistance in managing relationships.

Exclusive invitations to Investor Pitches, Conferences, Meet-Ups, Private Parties and deep networking within the crypto-community.

Responses to emailed Requests For Information (RFI) as soon as possible.




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